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    Lion Monument by Bertel Thorvaldsen

    Also known as the Lion of Lucerne, this sculpture in Lucerne, Switzerland, commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. Mark Twain praised the sculpture of a mortally-wounded lion as “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world” and Mark Twain knew what he was talking about, guys.

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Tropea, Italy (by michy.diego)


    Tropea, Italy (by michy.diego)

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    Oregon in 4 gifs.

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Yinka Shonibare, MBEHow To Blow Up Two Heads At Once (Gentlemen) – image Axel Schneider © MMK Frankfurt


    Yinka Shonibare, MBE
    How To Blow Up Two Heads At Once (Gentlemen) – image Axel Schneider © MMK Frankfurt

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    Huaxin Business Center / Scenic Architecture

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Ballroom of the Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi

    Ballroom of the Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi

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    Atlantic Wall | Stephan Vanfleteren | Via

    As the war in Europe raged through the early 1940s, Germany built thousands of concrete bunkers to defend the continent’s western shore from an Allied sea attack. This Atlantic Wall stretched from Norway to the border of France and Spain, and what remains all these decades later is darkly beautiful.

    Photographer Stephan Vanfleteren, 44, grew up near some of these structures as a child living in Belgium, but never thought much of them. They were just crumbling concrete relics of the past. That changed last year, however, when he returned to the Belgian coast to photograph bunkers for the Museum Atlantikwall at Raversyde–Belgium. Seeing them with fresh eyes, he was immediately taken by their graceful, elegant design. He produced a series of beautiful black and white photographs that soon will be released as a book.

    “Some of the buildings reminded me of the Guggenheim museum or the Fallingwater house by Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Vanfleteren, who still lives in Belgium. “These were buildings made for strategic defense but there was also real beauty and a connection with modern architecture.”

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Odin by Hellanim
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